X96 Mini Android IPTV Box


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When choosing your TV box, there are undoubtedly considerations to bear in mind.

Come and discover the best box with very powerful features and performance!

The X96 Mini box: a new dimension of entertainment

When you are looking for the best TV box, it’s important to take into account several factors to find the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

The X96 Mini is a popular box for its compact size and affordable price. It’s designed to function as a multimedia center, providing the ability to access apps, games, and streaming content on your TV.

Indeed, the X96 Mini box operates with the Android TV operating system. This allows you to install and run various applications. This box will then be your gateway to a world of exciting content.

Features of X96 Mini box

Here are some general features of the X96 Mini:

Operating System: The X96 Mini box operates under Android. This allows you to access the Google Play Store and install various applications such as streaming apps, games, and other software.

Processor and Performance: The X96 Mini box is equipped with a penta-core processor and a substantial amount of RAM. This can allow you to watch streaming videos, play light games, and use various apps.

Storage: The X96 Mini has an internal storage capacity of 16GB to install applications and store multimedia files.

Connectivity: The box offers connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB ports, an HDMI output, etc. This allows you to connect your box to the internet and other devices.

Video Resolution: The X96 Mini box supports Full HD resolution, allowing you to watch videos in high definition.

User Interface: The X96 Mini typically runs a customized version of Android TV or standard Android with a user interface tailored for use on a TV.

Applications and Content: By installing apps from the Google Play Store, you can access a variety of content, including streaming services, games, social media apps, and more.

The package includes:

1 x X96 Mini box
1 x Remote Control
1 x Power Supply
1 x HD Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Wall Mount
1 x IR Cable


1GB+8GB, 2GB+16GB, Télécommande universelle

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